Inspiring Women Programs


Inspiring Women Pakistan’s bootcamps are designed to provide short-term intensive training to women of all ages to make them powerful and independent in this fast paced society.

Freelance Bootcamp

If you want to include yourself in the growing percentage of people who are earning from the comfort of their home, this boot camp is particularly for you. Freelancing will not only become an independent source of money, you will also become your own boss and work on your own terms. Enroll in our upcoming bootcamp exclusively for women creatives in Karachi in collaboration with Ajeeb Studios. You will get to learn how to incorporate AI and Chatgpt in your design process, how to develop no-code websites, the tips and sticks of photoshop and illustrator to scale up your design game and much more. Register now using the link below.

Entrepreneurial Bootcamp

This boot camp aims to help women create entrepreneurial growth by focusing on capacity building and strategizing for those who have the potential to expand but lack the skills and guidance to take the next step. This Bootcamp comprises of constructing a 3–5-year business plan, learning the importance of HR management and financial literacy along with the right marketing strategies to take your business to new heights. This boot camp is launching soon, stay tuned.