What To Do When You Haven’t Heard Back After an Interview

November 1, 2019
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What To Do When You Haven’t Heard Back After an Interview

By Asfa Shakeel

Everyone has had to deal with the anxiety of giving what you thought was a stellar interview and not hearing back. A survey of more than 1000 workers reported back that more than 57% felt that the wait after an interview is too long and very frustrating.

However, the wait might simply mean that the decision makers need more time or had to extend interview dates, but it could also be an indication of something more serious such as the budget having changed.

In case you find yourself in such a situation, there are a number of steps you can take and a number of lessons you can learn for the next time you are interviewed.

1. Ask for a time frame at the end of your interview

To avoid confusion and unnecessary anxiety, ask your interviewer how much time you think they will need before they can let you know their final decision. If not, you can prepare to reach out. 100% of 300 hiring managers said in a survey that candidates are encouraged to reach out, 64% said it should be via email and 36% said it should be between one to two weeks after the interview is conducted.

2.   Reach out right after the interview

Right after an interview, you should reach out to your interviewers via the same email chain with which the interview was arranged, and thank them for their time. While this will probably not change whatever decision your potential employers will make, it shows that you’re on top of your game and that this job is your top priority rather than one of your many interviews.

3.   Follow up after an appropriate amount of time

Again, reply to the same email chain that was used to set the interview up. Keep your inquiries short, direct and clear. Let your interviewer know that you are excited to hear back from them and ask them if there has been any update in their decision making process. You can mention things such as liking the information you learned in the interview and being eager for a follow up. Remember:

– Reference the date and time of your interview

– Do not make your paragraphs longer than 2-3 sentences

– Proofread and run spell check before you send anything

– Finish by saying thank you and writing your full name

4.   Replying to their response

If the company responds and says they need more time to make a decision, which is the most likely scenario, respond by thanking them for the update and mention that you look forward to hearing from them soon.

If you do not hear back, wait at least two business days after your initial email to follow up again. If this email also goes unanswered for two business days, and you are really anxious, you may email someone else at the company that you met with during the proceedings of your interview.

Remember not to badger them however! Show your enthusiasm but do not go overboard. No one likes to be receive too many messages at once. If you do not hear back from them after the 3rd email, move to step 5.

5.   Continue with your job search

If none of this ends up working out, don’t let it hold you back and continue with your job search. Learn from each interview and job experience and you’ll end up finding a company that’s a perfect fit for you!


Good luck!