Memes You Will Relate to as an Undergraduate Student in University

February 26, 2020
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Memes You Will Relate to as an Undergraduate Student in University

By Asfa Shakeel

The four years of your undergraduate degree are full of interesting experiences, personal growth and a lot of outside exposure that you might not have had during your high school days.


Although everyone has their own unique experiences, there are some things all women in college will admit to having witnessed, felt or experienced, and these memes are a perfect depiction of how you feel when it happens.



1. When men around you feel they invented knowledge and are gifting you with information you 100% already knew.
2. When you’re asked why you don’t look cheerful enough on a daily basis, and you don’t have the energy to explain that that’s just how your face is.
3. When men around you stereotypically explain stereotypes to you because of their stereotypical confidence that they couldn’t possibly fit into a stereotype.
4. When every class you take fundamentally changes your outlook and perspective on society.
meme 5
5. When you promised yourself you would get it together, and then you realize its day 348 and you haven’t made any moves yet.
6. When your friends underestimate the amount of time and effort it takes for you to get your act together.
5. When you started college with a long list of goals, and by the end of sophomore year are just trying to avoid being a super obvious mess.
8. When you’ve acclimatized your friends with you not making any effort ever, and so they give the best reactions to the slightest grooming
9. When you know you can win any stress competition ever.
10. When you just have to give a cheer to how much the women around you juggle on a daily basis with no complaints.
11. When you have no time for consistent skincare, and all you can invest in are overnight schemes.
12. When you check the required course readings and see no representation whatsoever.
13. When a change in lifestyle is more often than not just a change in mindset and outfit.
14. When the perfect, glamorous, breezy four years you envisioned you’d have is not at all what you ended up having.
15. When it’s day 3 in university and you’ve already been bombarded with more information and responsibility than you had in your last nine lives combined.