8 Things Schools Should Teach You Instead of Cursive

June 9, 2020
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8 Things Schools Should Teach You Instead of Cursive

“Schools do not teach our kids anything about real life.”

You’ve probably heard the above statement many times in your life. You probably are confused about what exactly this vital information is that you’ve missed.

Confusion be gone! Here’s a helpful little guide to learning all about what no one ever taught you.

1. How to Unplug

These days, we’re present at any given time on twenty different platforms at once. It’s very easy to feel as if you’re stretched too thin. It’s even easier to feel like if you take a break, the world will fall apart. However, we have to learn how to unplug. It’s not helpful to always be glued to your screen and trying to play catch up with people online.

Watch this guide to unplugging from social media every now and then.

2. Changing a Tyre

Think about this: you know everything about mitochondria, ribosome’s and nuclei, but when you’re stranded on the side of a road with a flat tire you don’t know which part is what. Not to say that one is more important than the other, but it is important to take both educations seriously.

Watch this guide to changing tires that is a helpful start.

3. Job Hunting

Everyone has lived through the last few weeks of schools and college where the job hunting confusion stresses everyone out to their last nerve. It seems like there is no opening for you, even though of course there are companies that want employees and students that want jobs.

Watch this guide to job hunting.

4. Filing Taxes

Filing taxes is one of the most nerve wracking things you will have to do as an adult, and one of the murkiest waters to tread through. However, it is important to know what you’re due to pay the government, what you might get in the form of tax returns and why exactly you’re paying what you’re paying. Being labeled a non-filer due to oversight can stay with you for life.

Watch this helpful guide to taxes.

5. Self Defense

No one wants to ever feel helpless or defeated in the face of a bully. And while some situations are out of our control, there are definitely measures we can take to prepare ourselves in case we’re ever in a dangerous situation. Self defense is not just important for your physical safety, it is also extremely important to your mental health and your feeling of independence and self sufficiency.

Watch this guide to the benefits of self-defense.

6. How to Cope With Failure

In the smaller environment of school, it’s easy to keep your head out of the water and keep floating. However, there’s rarely any consistency once you’re in the real world. One week, you can’t do anything wrong and the next, you can’t even get a photocopy without messing something up. In these moments, it is not only important to stay afloat and not sink under, but also to learn to cope with failure and learn from it every time it happens. Because it will come back around sooner rather than later.

Watch this guide to learning from and coping with failure.

7. Time Management

There’s nothing that will set you back more in the real life than not being a person that abides by time. You’ll be deemed unprofessional, you’ll always be playing catch up and no one will value your time if you don’t value there. Time management is one of the most essential skills to learn at a young age, and it is one that reaps rewards at every stage of the game

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8. How to Take Constructive Criticism

Often times, when we’ve worked hard at cultivating a skill set, we find it difficult to take feedback or criticism. However, it is crucial to learn at an early age that skill does not count for much if you cannot take criticism. You might have a great vision, but others sometimes just need a checklist of requirements ticked. If you can’t deliver, your creative genius will go to waste and you will lose out on future opportunities of showing your skills as well.

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