7 Ways to boost your self confidence

November 3, 2019
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7 Ways to boost your self confidence

By Asfa Shakeel

Most people have occasional bouts of self-doubt and over-thinking. If you think you suffer from this from time to tim, here are 7 easy and  super manageable ways to work towards having some more self confidence and feeling better about yourself around the clock!

1.Give affirmation to yourself

Unless your image of yourself is positive, it will always be difficult to see your progress and achievements as positive steps. It’s a difficult transition, but instead of thinking “How could I have done that?”, train your mind to think “I just did that”. The more positive statements you make to your own mind, the more it will start believing you and reproducing those same statements as part of your subconscious self image.

2. Help someone else out

One of the easiest and best ways to feel better about yourself is to pay it forward. By helping someone, make their life a little better on the daily. This way you will always stay grounded and be constantly aware of your own blessings.  The smile on someone else’s face from your contribution in their lives is sure to boost your image of yourself.

3. Indulge in some self care

Self care and grooming always make you feel much better about yourself – it boosts your emotional and mental health. Take out some time to treat yourself in whichever way you derive the most fun. As you start to get more relaxed, you’ll start thinking more positively as well, not just about yourself but everything around you. Daily physical exercise is one great way to indulge in some self care: it releases good endorphins in the brain, boosts mental health and inadvertently gives a boost to your confidence.

4. Think of yourself as equal

You might just be doubting yourself because you look around and see all these people who are good at so many things, and you think they are better than you or that you can’t reach that level. Instead of thinking that way, see yourself as equal to everyone else. Remember that they have a different set of talents and gifts and the awe you have for their strong suits is the same awe they might have for yours. As soon as you start thinking of yourself as an equal, your self confidence will drastically improve.


5. Get to know yourself better

You can’t beat your self-doubt if you don’t know where it stems from. In order to become more self confident, you have to get to know yourself better, and especially get to know all your good traits that you don’t pay enough mind to. Writing in a journal is one great way to achieve this. You can either write about your day or, if you’re short on time, make a concise journal where you write one thing you did every day that you’re proud of. Over time, you’ll become used to checking in with yourself and start having more confidence in your personality.

6. Change a small habit

If there is a secret habit that is taking your confidence from you, try and directly fix the source. Even if you can’t change anything overnight, knowing that you’re being proactive about your own life is sure to be a big confidence booster. Even if your lack of confidence doesn’t derive from some habit, you can always pick up a new healthy habit that makes you feel good, such as working out, eating better and giving up smoking are all great examples of this.


7. Acquire more knowledge

Acquiring more knowledge on any subject is always a sure way to boost your self confidence. This works especially if you are shy and usually stay out of discussions because you think you will say something to embarrass yourself. Remember, no one became an expert at any topic overnight, and if they can learn it so can you! The more you know, the more you’ll realize there’s really nothing to be scared of.